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What can you expect?

Hero Hoists offers products sourced from a select number of suppliers we’ve built strong working partnerships with for over 10 years.

We don’t bring in suspect items or cheap, poor quality products to gain market share or make a quick buck…

In addition, we don’t ‘push’ a particular  suppliers products - we select the best value products offered by each supplier - guaranteeing you the best selection…

We provide personal, friendly, solid advice and stand behind our products like all respected retailers do…

We provide Peace Of Mind by giving our private buyers a LIFETIME Structural Warranty and a 3-Year Motor Warranty.

Commercial clients get the expected industry warranty provided by each manufacturer when used in a professional working environment.

Are you a Hero Hoists customer?

Hero Hoists is striving to provide personal, friendly advice to all our customers - and for that reason we tend to deal more with private buyers, car enthusiasts, home mechanics / restorers and small to medium-sized workshops.

We also supply multi-unit parking solutions to townhouse and apartment complexes…

If you want value-for-money, and a product that hasn’t been built down to a price; a product you can really rely on and is SAFE, then choose a Lift King branded product. 

If you want the cheapest product - then you probably should look elsewhere…

Having said that, we always try to bring competitively-priced products to the attention of both private buyers and professional mechanics.

And, Hero Hoists works closely with our suppliers for constant product improvement and innovative features.

Are you ‘pushed’ for space?

If you have a very ‘tight’ situation, but want a parking and/or service hoist - we probably have a solution.

For example our Lift King 9S is great for smaller cars and smaller spaces.

Or, we can provide hoists that require less height and that tilt your car - which minimises overall height requirement.

NOTE:- These are generally ‘to-order’ products and a minimum order quantity applies…

Feel free to call us anytime for the latest solutions to small space workshops and garages…

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The Only Car Hoists With A LIFETIME Structural 

Warranty + 3-Year Motor Warranty…

With a Lift King,

 You’re On A Good  Thing…

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