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Want To Maximise Garage Storage?

Or, Are You A Car Enthusiast Fed Up With Slithering Around On Your Back On A Cold Garage Floor? 

Hero AutoHoists To The Rescue!

These days - thanks to the assistance of progressive companies like Hero AutoHoists, it’s quite simple to effectively double the storage capacity of a garage – and you won’t have to apply for a building permit, dig into your floor or spend thousands of dollars constructing a new one.

Hero offers a variety of car lifts, or ‘auto hoists’ - as they’re more commonly referred to by ‘those in the know’...

Once seen only in mechanic’s bays, four-post automotive lifts are now available to the private home owner...

Store Lots Of Stuff…

Essentially, a car lift allows one car – or any variety of other equipment such as small boats, surf and sailboards, ATVs, motorcycles, lawn equipment or anything that is getting in the way – to be stored above another vehicle.

While Hero isn’t the first to market car lifts in Australia, they might be the first to take the units mainstream. Car lifts have gone from being used by enthusiasts and hobbyists – for routine maintenance or storing a car – to the general home-owner to help free up garage space.

For example, Hero frequently hears from customers who have two or three cars, and a two-car garage.

“Your average two car garage is full of equipment, either lawn gear or bikes and sports gear – and that really only leaves room for one car at a time in the garage.”

With a car lift, the bulk of the gear can be placed on the lift deck and raised above the floor. The second car – the one that often sat in the driveway – will fit underneath the equipment and inside the garage.

The most popular is the Lift King 9. The unit operates on a standard household outlet of 240 volts / 15amps (no special household wiring is required, but you may need to upgrade the 10amp circuit, which is a relatively simple procedure for any sparky. 

Simple Operation

The unit is electric over hydraulic, and the push of a button raises the car or other equipment. The usual colours are available like black, red, blue, light and dark grey.

For an additional cost you can now order specialised / custom colours too - to match your existing decor. Ask for a quote…

The Lift King 9 and Lift King 9XL are four-post car hoists – which means there is a steel column at each corner of the rig. There is a minimum 230cm of space between side columns at front and rear, which allows the average sedan to slot in quite nicely. Each model has a lifting capacity of 4,000Kgs, and in its top-lock position offers a minimum of 1.80 metres of space underneath (2.082m for the Lift King 9XL).

The lift deck locks automatically at 10 different heights, including the top position.

The Lift King V8 4-Post Car Hoist is supplied wth a manually-operated or an Air-Assisted Jacking Beam... for easy wheels-free sefvicing. It has the new 'Posi-Lock' full box-section posts and the sleeved 'wrap-around' crossbars... It's supplied witah Heavy-Duty Jacking Tray and Alloy Approach Ramps. It comes with a LIFETIME Structural Warranty and a 3-Year Motor Warranty...

Narrow or Short Space? 

Small Cars?

The Choice of Car Enthusiasts and Professional Mechanics all over Australia…

Check out

these 2…

The Lift King Side-By-Side Parker instantly doubles your garage space... for less than $8,000.00 - you can't go wrong...

Work On Your Cars Too…

Most domestic models come with accessories that enable you to work on your cars more easily if that’s your primary reason for purchase - you can even get the car’s tyres off the runways utilising the sliding or rolling Jacking Trays… (they can be supplied with an Air-Assisted Jacking Beam too...).

Hero has its products manufactured to its own demanding requirements - that means you’re getting a high quality, fully-backed car lift with a LIFETIME Structural Warranty (home use) - a product that’s also trusted and used by workshops and car enthusiasts to maintain and service their prized possessions...Workshop owners will be pleased to know the units come with similar commercial warranties to the more expensive, purely service-focused units...

Move ‘Em Round Easily…

By the way, not only are our popular domestic models like the Lift King 9, 9 Pro, V8, 9S and 9XL freestanding units, they also come supplied with a quick-connect castor kit (wheels) - allowing you to move and reposition the units at will - of course that means you can take the lift with you easily if you move home, or roll it out of the way speedily if you need to - and that can be achieved with only one person! How’s that for convenience?

Requiring only minimal maintenance – (no special operator skill / regular inspection schedule is required) – they’re stable & safe in operation – and will save your aching back and knees if you’re well and truly over crawling around the garage floor – particularly nice if you’re a ‘car nut’ or planning to save money on car servicing and maintenance…

Easy Assembly

The car lifts come pre-assembled in pieces requiring final assembly. You only need half a day; it’s relatively easy – and requires no special skills... however Hero can arrange installation of their units in Sydney or interstate if you prefer. There are professional installers in each Australian state too...


Please go to the pages which describe the car hoists in more detail.

Or, request schematics and our Required Height Calculator (download from the FAQ page) if you’d like to make sure you have enough height in your garage for your cars…

Article extracted from The Spectator 

(January 2008)

Rick Martin's Lift King V8
Lift King Single-Post Service Hoist being used as a storage hoist too - very small footprint with full working height...

“Works awesome!”

Eddie used his Lift King Portable 1-Post Service Lift to stack his cars too…

Not only is it 1/3 the footprint of our 2-Posters, but it’s easily portable too…

Rated at 2,500kgs, it comes with a handy Wired Remote Control and is easy  ‘Push-Button / Automatic Locking’ equipped…

It gives you full working height too…

It’s IDEAL for private and commercial workshops where space is at a premium…

The Only Car Hoists With A LIFETIME Structural 

Warranty + 3-Year Motor Warranty…


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